Mbs 9 + Wagyu Beef Scotch Fillet 300gm


Elevate your dining experience

Wagyu Beef with a marbling score of 9+ is known for its exceptional characteristics. The high intramuscular fat content creates a tender, buttery texture and a rich, savoury flavour, elevating the dining experience. The lower melting point of the fat enhances juiciness.

Wagyu beef Mbs 9+ is cherished by culinary enthusiasts for its remarkable taste. It's no wonder this is one of our best-selling cuts. 

Key cooking tips:

1. Room Temperature: Allow the Wagyu steak to reach room temperature before cooking.
2. Minimal Seasoning: Use light seasoning, like salt and pepper.
3. High Heat Sear: Sear quickly over high heat for a crust.
4. Rest After Cooking: Let the steak rest to redistribute juices.
5. Thin Slices: Slice thinly for serving.
6. Enjoy!

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