Be a Burger Boss With Our Wagyu Burger Pack


Design your own killer cheese burgers with our popular burger pack

4 x Wagyu Beef Pattie

4 x Organic Hamburger Milk Buns from St Malo Bakery 

4 x Slice American Style Hi-Melt Burger Cheese

*Picture of Double Cheese Burger from our Bistro Malt Barrel 

*Bun may vary from picture 

Prepare super delicious burgers with the best Wagyu beef. 

This pack is the best choice if you want to quickly prepare burgers with a superior taste. Besides, the juicy tender beef is preserved using industry-grade technology to retain the softness and taste. You just need to add some cheese, veggies or other taste enhancers. 

So, if you are ready to experience the real taste of Wagyu in your burger, this is the pack you should choose. Also, when you have high-quality meat, you can customise your burger the way you want.