1Kg Free Range Lamb Chump Chops


Lamb Chump Chops or Lamb Rump on the bone. Tender and Juicy. Awesome cooked over charcoal.

1Kg Lamb Chump Chops – The Ideal Meal That Fills Your Mind & Stomach

Our 1 Kg lamb chump chops are derived from the rump of our grain fed lambs at that very point where the leg joins the loin. As a result of being fed by grains, not grass, our lamb chump chops are plump and are usually lean. Cook them on a grill, griddle or pan-fry them to get the best results. Cook them for 6 to 10 mins on each side, depending upon their thickness.

Pickup available at Great Meats Co Leichhardt

Usually ready in 24 hours

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