Hunter Valley Free Range Eggs 1 Dozen


Hunter Valley Free Range Eggs

Maximum 950 hens per hectare.

Our favourite brand, Hunter Valley Eggs are produced in the picturesque Lower Hunter Region of NSW.

Eggs laid in the Hunter have a rich, wholesome flavour. They achieve this by ensuring their hens are healthy and well nourished with a diet of nutrient-rich grains, and the freedom to roam outdoors, soaking up sun and clean fresh air, scratching amongst the pasture for seeds and insects.

✔️ 100% Certified Free Range (ESA Level 3 Certification No. 1335)

✔️ 100% Australian owned and produced

✔️ Nutrient rich grain fed hens

✔️ All natural, full of taste and goodness

✔️ Guaranteed fresh daily

Experience eggs rich in taste and flavour. Buy the Hunter Valley Free Range Eggs today.

These eggs are nutritious since they are achieved from healthy hens that are well fed and carefully reared. They are fresh and are packed in our airtight containers to avoid breakage due to collisions or impact.

The eggs are also preserved in ideal temperatures to retain their taste. So, enjoy a complete breakfast or a dinner spread with these wholesome eggs.

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