Butterflied Game Farm Spatchcock 

Classic marinade of Balsamic, Olive Oil & Mixed Herbs 

The compelling story behind Game Farm tells a tale of tribulation, commitment, success and undeniable passion for game, passed between generations and shaping the Australian narrative of game bird farming.

The Game Farm brand is respected as representing the highest standards of quality control from farm gate to plate. Game Farm continues to grow speciality game birds across New South Wales using small-scale boutique farming methods, allowing a hands-on approach to raise the birds with the respect they deserve. In 2019, new homes were established for Cornfed Chicken and Spatchcock in Arcadia NSW and the Quail breeding and growing operations were brought together on one farm in Mandalong Valley NSW.

.Game Farm has been serving Australia with quality meat for over 45 years. With the passion we have for our products, you can be sure you will receive quality meat each and every time.

Relish on this exotic chicken delicacy and we bet you can’t forget the taste.

The chicken is already marinated and is ready to be preheated. However, you can add a salad or other taste enhancers like wine and vinegar according to your choice.

After preparation, carve the chicken and serve hot as a starter or as the main dish.

You will be extremely delighted with the taste since the chicken was preserved at the right temperature.