Angus Beef Flat - Iron Steak 1kg


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What Is Flat Iron Steak?

Originally part of the top blade roast, the flat iron was born as a result of the tough connective tissue that ran through the middle of the cut of meat. Once this is removed, the two pieces are treated separately, one becoming the flat iron steak, the other called the top blade steak. The flat iron (supposedly named because it looks like an old-fashioned metal flat iron) is uniform in thickness and rectangular in shape.

The nice amount of marbling creates a steak that is extremely tender and full of flavor. It is best when cooked on the grill and can be incorporated in a variety of recipes.

If you want to have a steak that is delicious and is very soft, this Wagyu flat iron steak is what you need to buy.

You can grill the iron steak or prepare it any way you want with the taste enhancers of your choice. Then serve hot to experience a grand dinner or evening meal.

The steak piece is obtained from the connective tissue for which the flavour and taste will blow your mind. Also, to retain the taste, the steak is preserved at the right temperature.