Grain Fed Beef Tenderloin 180g - 200g



Darling Downs Wagyu

Authentic Australian Long Fed Wagyu

One of Australia’s most prestigious and awarded beef brands, Darling Downs Wagyu contains the finely distributed and highly desirable levels of marbling sought after by chefs worldwide. Darling Downs won the champion medal at the Royal Queensland Food & Wine Show in 2016, for the second year running.

Grain Fed Beef Tenderloin - The Best 100% Grass Fed Cattle Beef for Your Taste

Often considered the tenderest beef cut, our Grain Fed Beef Tenderloin offers an astounding dining experience to the beef connoisseur. Since the cattle are grass fed, it delivers an exceptionally rich and juicy flavour, regardless of whether you cook with sous vide, or have it broiled or grilled. They are sourced from 100% grass fed cattle that are born, harvested and pasture raised in the perfect condition.