10 PACK 250gm Pasture Fed Top Sirloin Steak


250gm portions of Pasture fed Top Sirloin Steak(rump with the cap fat off)

This lean piece of steak is good for pan fry, BBQ or can even be cut into strips for stir fry, tacos of strogonoff.

this bulk buy works out @ 7.99 per steak, great value.

If you are planning to prepare juicy steaks or any other items, there can be no better option than to buy this pack of pasture-fed top sirloin steak.

Since the meat is soft, you can prepare your preferred dish with ease. Besides, we preserve the steaks using state of the art technology to retain freshness. 

The sirloin steaks are ready for high-heat grilling. So, go ahead and marinate it if you want to enhance the taste further.